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First Taekwondo Competition Team in Chandler

Step into the competitive arena with First Taekwondo’s elite Competition Team in Chandler. Our focused training regimen specializes in Olympic Style Taekwondo sparring and Sport Poomsae, preparing our athletes for local, national, and international competitions. Under the guidance of experienced coaches, team members refine their techniques, strategy, and mental toughness. Join us and be a part of a winning legacy where dedication meets excellence on the mat.


Champion Mindset

Focused Training for Competitive Excellence

Our core mission with the First Taekwondo Competition Team is to elevate the competitive spirit and skill of our athletes, celebrating a history of nurturing national and international champions. Olympic Style Taekwondo sparring stands at the forefront of our program—a fast-paced, contact discipline that tests speed, control, and strategy, recognized in the world’s most prestigious sporting arenas. Our coaching staff, composed of experienced former national team athletes, brings a wealth of knowledge, ensuring that our competitors are prepared for the intensity and camaraderie of high-level competition.

In the realm of precision and artistry, we dedicate ourselves to Sport Poomsae, the practice of executing taekwondo patterns with seamless technique and powerful presentation. This element of competition is about poise and perfection, as athletes perform intricate sequences that are evaluated for their technical execution and artistic impression.

At First Taekwondo, we equip our students with the tools to excel in these disciplines, instilling the values of hard work, perseverance, and the relentless pursuit of excellence that extend beyond the mat and into life’s many arenas.

Four young girls in taekwondo sparring gear, including helmets, chest protectors, and gloves, sitting together and smiling on a red mat at the gym with a blue mat and equipment in the background.


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